The painting inspired by a poem or vice versa

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A Catharsis

Acrylic, Leaf on Canvas
22" diameter


The Writer's Center 2015

The Secret of Bells

                                                                           Melanie Figg


In motion always, eternity is indistinguishable from creation,

and there the link between ecstasy and ethics shines—




O that boy—unmoored & called to make bells


unthinking & readying


breaking open the earth       (—to end so much anxious waiting / to extend his reach)


collapsing into that cool silver, murmuring—

                                                                                                          I am here



exhausted in relief & surprised

how lonely that cry is—

that slow unraveling, that dying into newness & leaving the husk



to bear the worthiness of arrival—to reflect what in front of you is sacred




& the birds, hectic & caught up rushing—spinning across air & into our vision of sky




 NOTE: in homage to Andrei Tarkovski / epigraph from Donald Revell]